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My Approach

Existential - Phenomenological Psychotherapy


'each moment in time calls all the others to witness'. Merleau-Ponty(1962: 69)


Each of us will experience the world from the particular and unique position in which our experiential, relational, and socio-cultural situation has placed us. Sometimes we cannot choose the circumstances of our life but that we are free to choose our response to them, and it is this response that defines each of us.

As an important part of the Existential therapeutic process, my role is the clarification of whatever you bring to the therapeutic session. The session provides the space in which you talk and freely express your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in your living.

My approach to therapy is an exploration of whatever is experienced by you and the manner of your experience. As a counsellor, my role is to support the journey of your unique living experience and in this process clarifying your values, beliefs and exploring and drawing on your inner resources to make sense and meaning of your living. I am here to listen as carefully and unselectively as possible. I aim to respond in a way that serves as a clarification of your concerns and experiences in living.

My role is to provide a non-judgemental ‘space' where your situation can be seen, clarified, and understood. Understanding what is presented by you within sessions, its meaning, and context will help to clarify your total situation.

Within this real and mutual relationship, we co-create, the fuller meaning which may, at first be hidden, but can be 'unfolded', to use Ricoeur's striking expression (Ricoeur, 1974:13), by common exploration within the therapeutic relationship.

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